Since  2004, I have been active in our community, and I pledge to keep working for everyone in Sunnyvale.

Quality of Life

We need sustainable development and to control our growth to match the community’s vision, balancing the needs of the neighborhoods with the needs of development.  I am committed to continue to add to open space, and make our communities more walkable.  We need to continue to create an inclusive city for young and old, where all residents feel included, engaged and safe within our community.

Finishing Downtown

It is imperative that we support and finish our Downtown–it is the heart of our city, and it brings crucial sales tax dollars into our General Fund.  When I was first on the Planning Commission, I fought hard to improve the original TownCenter design.  I am happy to see the progress made in the last 4 years as we finally near completion of Phase 1 of the CityLIne Project.  I’ve worked with the Downtown Association to make Murphy Avenue a pedestrian-only zon. I’m committed to create a vibrant and active downtown.

Reducing Traffic

We need to reduce traffic and enable alternative transportation (walking, biking and public transportation) for our residents and workers.  I support more walkable communities of Mixed Use Zoning, Transportation Demand Management Plans for office and residential development, and walkable public transportation (including a City-wide shuttle).  I have successfully worked to improve bike and pedestrian safety in our community and worked with CalTrans to lower the speed along El Camino Real to 35MPH.

Fiscal Responsibility

Sunnyvale’s budget is founded upon a 10 year balanced budget and a 20 year plan. We must ensure that we are forward thinking and make sure we balance adding resources and infrastructure upgrades with revenue projections.  I’ve worked in many small companies over the years, and I understand the need to balance short term needs with long term goals.

Adding Housing

We must continue to look at ways to alleviate this Bay Area Crisis. I am a longtime affordable housing advocate and understand we need to protect and expand our mixed stock of housing choices for our residents from the affordable housing, senior housing, mobile home community residents, apartment dwellers, to homeowners. I have plans to add housing without negatively impacting our neighborhoods, and I successfully worked to add smaller units and “granny” units as well as housing near transportation.

Protecting the Environment

We need to accelerate our  implementation of our Climate Action Playbook.  Sunnyvale needs to be a regional leader from an environmental and alternative transportation standpoint.  I’ve worked hard to protect our environment, reduce green-house gas emissions, and promote bike and pedestrian use and safety in our community.